All of these graphics were created for the Missourian from August to December of 2011.

GRAPHIC: MU Homecoming blood drive 5000 pint goal

At the centennial homecoming celebration for the University of Missouri, the Red Cross challenged MU students to donate a record-breaking amount of blood – 5,000 pints. I created this graphic to break down that amount by hour, by day, and per nurse. I also compared that goal to the number of pints gathered at past homecoming blood drives.

MAP: Distance between MU, SEC and Big 12 Schools

Once the University of Missouri was invited into the SEC, many questions arose about how well the university would fit in to the SEC’s unique culture – and in particular, how much did proximity to the other SEC schools present an issue for MU? For this map, I compared the distances of MU to the Big 12 schools to the distances of MU to the SEC schools.

CHART: Race distribution in the new wards

When Columbia’s ward were set to be reapportioned, a topic of interest was the racial diversity in each of the wards. This Chart demonstrated the original wards and their racial diversity.

MAP: Rash of Robberies

Five robberies occurred all within a three day period, and all within close proximity to each other. The Columbia police suspected that all five crimes were perpetrated by the same suspect. This map illustrates just how close the robbed locations are to each other.

CHART: MU Considers performance-based funding

A great debate sprang up about whether or not it was smart and economical for the University of Missouri to switch their funding to performance-based funding. This chart tracks the decision-making process.

CHART: MU offers more online courses and degrees

This graphic demonstrates how online courses offered by MU have increased over the years, and also the diversity of subject matter for online courses at MU.

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