Short post

Hello all,

I’m feeling uninspired this week. So I just wanted to leave you with a couple thoughts: 

> Frugality doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, it means getting the greatest value out of your dollar. Somehow, I had never heard this thought before, but it’s brilliant. And anyway, you don’t want to just go around buying cheap stuff all of the time: There’s a reason it’s cheap. It’s going to fall apart or just generally not be as good a quality as you need, whatever that thing is. I’m going to focus more in the next few months on finding ways to get quality products for not a whole lot of money. Remember, we may all be stretched thin, monetarily speaking, but we can still live a good life.

> If you have a chronic illness, or if you don’t, either way, you need to read the Do I Look Sick? blog. Rachel is super dedicated to getting her message out there: People with invisible illnesses are all around us, and their illnesses shouldn’t have to be taboo. In fact, they should be respected.

That’s it and that’s all, folks! I’ll brain storm for next week so I’m not caught unprepared.

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